March 20, 2012
Do you see what I have done
Don't you recognize no one
You think you can just run and flee
Get away from me
You just want to crawl inside
Think that you can hide
Not face all the mistakes you've made
Nothing here will fade
All the good you might have done
All has gone away
Now it's just you and me
And I am here to stay
So run, run little man
Run you frightened mouse
A chance you don't even stand
Because the cards favor the house
Do you still think you can win
That you can be free
That it will be over when
You find your sanctity
Or now do you realize
That's just an impossibility
So when you can no longer see the sun that you need to breath
And you too are lost to your own insanity
Just know, my friend, that I have won.

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