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March 20, 2012
By MusicBaby21 SILVER, Austell, Georgia
MusicBaby21 SILVER, Austell, Georgia
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I rather be 3 hours to soon then a minute to late.

I’m from the san and ocean deep within the Philippines.
From understanding the fluent language of Tagalog in eyes of my Lolo and Lola.
I’m the Sampaguita flower,
I am the peddle that withheld the sweetest sent and purity.
From deep within the natural springs, I was there.

I’m from the summer colors of Aunty Marian’s unique jewelry shop,
From Nahii, the kindest and non-shy fish that accompanied me in the journey of the ocean.
I’m from the traditional dresses of my ancestry,
From “Mahalakita mahalako” and from the hemic from good days long ago.

I am from my father’s side,
From learning to make perfect sinigang for cold days,
From when Lola told me to watch out from American boys,
From when I learned martial arts from my Itay,
From the warmth of Peggy’s arms when my cuya would tease me.

I am from the dream I once lived.
A grain of sand that meant nothing, until I turned into what everyone wants on a necklace.
An important part of the world’s balance and beauty.

The author's comments:
We had to do this for a project but I thought it had real meaning.

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