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March 21, 2012
By courtneycolaizy BRONZE, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
courtneycolaizy BRONZE, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
"can miles truly separate us? if I'm in your heart aren't i already there?"

sitting, starring at your childhood above you.
they don't glow as much as they use too.
maybe that's just what life does to you? takes away that shine. and the way your eyes use to sparkle in the light.
when your innocence...
is shattered.
left in pieces on the floor. when you try to see the reflection, you see what that girl use to adore.
it's broken up, it is not complete anymore.
not since you destroyed her.
why are you still here?
you don't even deserve to be happy anymore.
you lost the privileges when you left her side, and what for?
you broke every single promise. confirmed every lie. made every mean thought come to life.
so, why are you still here?
you shouldn't be.
you deserve to be alone.
you deserve what you see
she is happy
just fine without you
she moved on
found someone new
here you stand
alone, depressed, worthless
why go on?
i am the voice of reason
and of Truth
trying to reach out to you. you no longer have her
you no longer have the right
from here on out
starting tonight.
forget the hopes
forget the dreams
it's never going to happen.
you chose the way you wanted to be.
so this is the end
shes no longer yours
so move along
and die alone
you deserve to go to hell,
and burn...

The author's comments:
i wrote this in a perspective of someone talking to me. so this isn't about anybody other than me. i went through a traumatic break up and this was the outcome. and how i have felt lately. hope you enjoy!

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