March 21, 2012
I see you there
without a care.
Does she know
about that night in the snow?

My fear of you
she’ll feel too.
Just how fast
will you take to reveal your past?

Why pick her?
Is it the red hair?
Does it remind you of fire,
my family’s funeral sire?

When you came,
I was never the same.
Do you still
intend to kill?

How scared you’d be
if you looked at me.
You thought me dead.
The snow stained red.

The fire that night
took them from my sight.
You watched them burn.
Now it’s your turn.

It’s your time to pay.
How much, I can’t say.
How, I care not,
as long as you forever rot.

My family I couldn’t save,
but for this girl, I can be brave.
Before me there were others.
Mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers.

Today the cycle comes to an end.
A gift from the law I have to send.
To you they will tell
who put you in the jail called Hell.

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