The Greater Good

March 20, 2012
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I am a raft set upon the skies.
Nothing above, nothing below.
The wind is my voice, the earth my eyes.
And with this eternal current I must flow.

I have been dead for so many years,
That I cannot remember my name anymore.
But you, whose laughing meets my ancient ears!
You will be the key to open my door.

You are young and vibrant as I approach,
So you will be useful to me quite soon.
But remember that I can smash you like a cockroach.
My fists are the tides, my will is the moon.

Calmly I enter your undefended mind.
And brush away your feelings, your ideas, your name.
Will you be the first to survive while you are so blind?
Murder, the greater good - it's all the same.

After all, that's how I was brought into this place.
Ripped from my breath and torn from my skin.
A demon inside me, controlling my face,
To commit heinous deeds and any hateful sin.

But I burned that demon so very long ago.
He's dead now, just as I feel you will be before long.
I didn't really need you, so now you can go.
I just wanted to feel real; to sing life's sweet song.

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