The Story [Watergate]

March 19, 2012
On June 17th 1972,
5 men were arrested
because they
broke inside
of the headquarters
of the democratic national committee.

The “plumbers” thought they were witty
because they could secretly break into
Watergate and become an exporter
of the secret information requested.
With the laws not applied,
this was child’s play.

But, this couldn’t just be locked away,
And information came bitty
And soon no one could hide,
And everyone knew,
But the President protested
that he wouldn’t become the martyr.

Within the scandal the President lost few supporters
and won the next election without dismay.
Afterwards it was suggested
that Nixon was personally involved and what a pity
that other white house employees were too.
This scandal was now out world wide.

The president had lied
and became a real snorter.
The tapes were called to review
and Nixon’s credibility decayed.
In every state, every city
‘Watergate’ was contested.

An impeachment was requested
which gave the US Congress a field day.
The evidence was pretty
much intact, and every reporter
had a bouquet
of information to chew through.

Nixon, however, became the stater
because he resigned before he could be thrown away
in a prison where he would stew.

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