Ashley's Poem

March 19, 2012
By , OKC, OK
Roses can't compare to the aroma you give
Violets can't compare to how beautiful you are
Diamonds can't shine like your eyes did
that night when we sat together,
feeling like forever,
thnking we'd make it far.
There's not a day that passes without regret
Myriends just tell me to get over it
But now if I leave,
I'll be gone and you as well
So I'm sticking around,
No matter how much it hurts like hell.
They say we all have someone meant for us
I know it's you and me and no one else
So please look at me, without disgust
from the way I acted, When I was too late myself
Ashley, please wait for it will not be long
for when were together forever, and everyday
I can' bear the thought of you going away
Ashley, Please wait, I'm afraid
of what might happen when I'm gone
when I wonder alone down the street
that lies between us and dreams
Yet I feel as if you notice me
I don't know why, but it's hard to believe
That maybe, It's meant to be
Don't leave me please
Dont leave,

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