March 17, 2012
I sit and wonder what life's about
I sit and wonder and fear and doubt
I sit and think about where I'll be
I sit and wait for when I'll be free

Why is this wall of clouds keeping me here,
Stuck running at the same damn pace?
Why can't I catch up to him when he's not that far ahead?!
I scream in frustration at what I must face
To get to him, to get to him...

My longing is forced down with patience I didn't know I had
While with his needle I stitch my heart's wounded flesh
And though so often I want to throw my hands up and yell
I don't want to tear and make old wounds fresh
So I try keep my head down with my temper

But now faced with a sea of fears and screaming voices
Leaking under the door and threatening to break it down
It keeps us backed, cowering, into the corner
Until the waves hold us down so we almost drown
But the future is our savior

His hope and love bring clarity to the liberating goal
That is the simple center around which thought and life revolve
Keeping my head clear and thoughts glued to their happy clouds
So gently directing determination to each problem to resolve
Until sound perfection rests within us

With this we've bravely fought our way to the front lines
One by one overcoming the excruciating tests:
Frustration and longing and screaming and falling and hurt
And with new experience we can surely overcome the rest
And we will finally come together

I sit and wonder what life's about.
I sit and wonder; not fear or doubt.
I sit and think about where I'll be.
I sit with assurance that I'll be free

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