Nothing More Than Invisable

March 17, 2012
By EmmaleighNicole GOLD, Mequon, Wisconsin
EmmaleighNicole GOLD, Mequon, Wisconsin
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I’m so close to the edge.
I’m just hanging by a thread.
I try to make a sound, but no one hears me.

This world is such a blur.
And all I do is hurt.
I try so many things but you don’t see me.

I’ve got no where to run.
There’s no one on my side.
But I just want to start all over again.

I know I’ve done some wrong.
I know I’ve caused some pain.
But I want to turn it around, if you’ll let me.

I’m trying hard to hold
Onto the good times when I had someone.
But those memories are starting to leave me.

The night is still drifting on.
I’m slowly fading away.
I’ve tried to live but no one cared to love me.

I’ve slipped off the edge.
And now there’s no more thread.
You’ve made me fade away completely.

No one came to help.
No one seemed to care.
I screamed but you all just looked right through me.

Now I’ve become invisible.
I no longer see, I no longer feel.
I’m just a microscopic, unimportant
Piece of your memory.

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