March 15, 2012
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Why, of all people, must it be you whom makes me fly
What fish? I wonder, what fish? Is that Hermes I see?
You may deliver me with laughter, but it only makes me cry.

Let’s run away and lie beneath the sky
Let’s collect the copper stars above and float them, gently, on the sea
Yet I lie alone beneath the night, whispering goodbye

Impenetrable glass seeps foolish dreams dry
Impenetrable glass built between you and me
For divided we live, divided we’ll die.

I despise myself for thinking that I could try
I don’t need you, nor petty, friendly sympathy
Trying to be romantic is like finishing Pi.

Sometimes I think, what if I wasn’t shy?
What if I wasn’t awkward? What can’t I see?
I am another greedy shopper with one thing I can’t buy

Your love. I cannot buy it, it isn’t a sty
Your love is a winged cap never meant for me
If only in our friendship I was never forced to sigh.
How you are a wingless fish, and I am a tree

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