New Age Revelation

March 16, 2012
By ToriTerrify GOLD, Thornton, New Hampshire
ToriTerrify GOLD, Thornton, New Hampshire
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"As long as you know who you are as a person, nothing else in the world matters." - Andy Biersack

Through these eyes, the world I’ve seen
Is so different from how I once thought it to be.
A toxic web of lies binds and blinds us
We fight to seek truth, only to find chaos.
Yet few try to resist our self-destruction
Caused by an endless stream of corruption.

So many follow through with their lives,
Blind to the reality just beyond their eyes.
They live like nothing is wrong, though it is
As those in suffering are impossible to miss.
They cry out for fear that their lives may fade,
Yet none hear them, and none come to their aid.

The older generations are too self-absorbed
To see the tainted society that has never reformed.
Our youth have been ignorant for far too long,
It’s time for us to sing a new song,
As we fight for our identities against the suppression
Of the overbearing, controlling corporation.

I am immune to this everlasting blindness,
But the disease waits for any bit of carelessness
To drag me into the poison of the giant corporation,
As it’s done with the rest of my generation.
But I won’t be dragged under by the corruption,
Instead I will lead the rising rebellion.

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