The Conceited, The Calling

March 10, 2012
By BRONZE, New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania BRONZE, New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania
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"The only homesick that I get is sick of being home." - Handguns

I'm not one to brag about myself or make fun of other people.  But such feeble minds I could destroy with one giant leap for mankind. I'm like the mc since JC was born back in the days of bc. While battling trough the years from Bach to jay z. I battled Beethoven with piano keys and owned him so hard he changed his name to Ivory... Yes! I straight up smite thee when it comes to history. You probably look at me as a random stock boy at a grocery store but that's not all I am. I could be a bagger. But anyway lil wayne has to back up because of my swagger. Im so bad I'm as dirty as sin. Lil Wayne doesn't know what it's like to battle a white conservative republican! I'm like the OG of illegal street activities and the Osama bin laden of hide and seek. I never have to wait for the bus because it waits for me. I spit poems so smoothly and you know me. I can OD and then quit cold turkey. I'm like the OJ Simpson of cover up and the St. Patrick of luck. I am the Kurt cobain of shotguns and the heart of Courtney love. My style is like a Vietnam vet or world war two. My kill death ratio is 21 and 2 on black ops. But Only if I use my tac insert. But forget that! I am the new meaning of poetry and not so much as hate. I am the valedictorian of my class and the number one wrestler in the state. I am not conceited so haters can hate. I'm only speaking the truth. I'm the scariest but the sickest s*** you'll ever know. Jason vorheese is afraid to come near me! Sup Freddy?! I got claws bigger than a t rex. The only 3 texts I get every single day are from from my mother. Yes.. I have been lying... Its all a lie.  you always see me stocking shelves when I see you walking by. I am failing every single class and there's no way I can pass. I'm chuck Norris's punching bag. Look at these bruises. I am one of the losers. I don't know why he would even choose me. I watch paula dean and I love Lucy. In my spare time I play in a band. I sing through a karaoke mic while the drummer bangs on pots and pans. So before anybody in this room ever starts to judge. Please take a long hard look at yourself. Wisdom is calling your name. OoAnd if you ever bully someone else because of the way they look, talk, or act.  I i always have their back. My losers and my cutters, my stu stu stutterers, the dirties, the gays, the outcasts. The hated, the emos and the rejects. Just remember we are all people.  We all have the same fate. Let your judgements come from love and not hate.  So I hope you learned a valuable lesson. Let your actions speak loudly and your words just as loud. But show someone you care about them and that their not just a face in the crowd. 

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