Dead soul in a living body

March 13, 2012
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I am a dead soul in a living body,

My only wish is to be somebody,

Like the void in space to the lifeless ground …….

I am nothing,

I have done horrible things to get here,

To think that I would actually make a difference,

I did everything I can,

And asked my Heart for forgiveness,

But all I did was just giving me darkness and bitterness,

But one day I had a chance to make a deal to change everything and more,

All I had to do,

Is enter deaths door,

The transformation felt like a surge of pain,

My soul felt like it was being crushed against the floor,

And before I knew it my soul was burned to nothing more,

I thought that this would change everything that happened before,

My mistakes my past and future, all read and changed by the door,

But all this did,

All that this did,

Was just bring me nothing more than what I already was,

A dead soul in a living body……

-Ehasanuzzaman Satu

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