Im not stuck

February 27, 2012
Im not stuck on you , i just want us to be friends again , i dont miss you i just wish you hadn't changed. Im not in love with you anymore , i just wished you care about our friendship the way i do. I wished when i look at you and smile , you look back and smile back :)I hope when we see eachother again ,you look deeper than this girl who went from shi to 11 to loud and 13. You've Known me for O2 years , and you still dont even care about how i feel about you , not just a brother or a boyfriend but a friend ! I pretend to love being away from you ' but truth is i'd do anything to be able to be yours again, i wanna be able to smile when you smile . I wanna be able to hug you and not feel abandoned .

Im Not Stuck ;*

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