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February 27, 2012
By choco-Eeze BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
choco-Eeze BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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She knew that he was a player.
He even told her himself.
She liked him; He liked her for something else.
She believed she loves someone who broke her heart.
He just wanted to break someone's heart.
They talked mostly every night and text through out the day.
She felt close to him
Hoped he felt the same.
He wanted to be more than friends
As did she, but another was holding her selfishly back.
He wanted her; Se began to feel the same.
She knew nothing would ever be the same.
He didn't understand why.
She just kept turning her head.
Suddenly his presence just became to feel so right.
Smile,s Positiveness, Hugs, and Laughs, were a few things her made her feel.
Did she made him feel the same?
Months passed and they became close friends.
She trusted him with her secrets.
He still had his doubts.
In time she realized that she has forgotten the someone else.
Her friends say "She's Fallen in love with the New Man."
She denied to truth for some time.
She couldn't believe it was true.
She still felt the others touch, love, and pain that he left behind for her to feel always.
Scared to love gain.
Scared to feel what she truly feels.
Afraid of rejection.
Terrified to loose him forever.
Fearing the pain of him waling away!

Does he fear as she does?

The author's comments:
A girl believed she loved someone who broke her heart. She meets another guy that at first wants to hurt her, but in the end he starts to feel something for her and she slowly begins to forget about the 1st guy he loved and falls for the 2nd. In time the girl realizes that she's falling for him and she's afraid too get her heart broken again. She doesn't know anymore if the 2nd guy actually loves her or it was all just a game.

*Still going to rewrite it*

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