Not Worth It.

February 21, 2012
Crying over you, would be the dumbest thing to do.
All you did was hurt me, and you didn't even mean it when you said, "I Love You".
I was the only who was trying,
but you didn't care, you kept on lying.
You hurt me so bad, and now I have so much pain inside,
and i feel like my heart's full of lies.
So lost and confused, not knowing what to do,
but it doesn't help,
when i keep on falling in love with you.
Siting here wondering, and not understand why these feelings for you don't want to die.
They keep coming and won't leave me alone.. I just wish they would go.
But babe you know i did really love you,
and everything in my heart is all so true,
but who gives a f***, because I'm going to get over you.

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