My Little Brother

April 14, 2008
By Becky Taylor, London, IA

My little brother was,
Giggly, fun, bubbly, rude,
Silly, funny, annoyingly sweet,
Dimples, smiles, addicted to food,
I loved my little brother,
And yes, I still do,
But he’s not my little brother any more,
He’s someone new,

He still has his dimples,
I’m sure of that,
I’ve don’t see them anymore though,
You’ve seen to that,
He cries all the time,
But not of laughter anymore,
He cries all the time,
Because he is so sore,

You scare him, you beat him,
You make him cry,
You want to defeat him,
But you can only try,
Because my little brother,
Has got me,
And I’ve got him,
We will succeed,

You’ll tear us to shreds,
I’m sure of that,
But we’ll sew each other back together,
And we’ll get you back,
We’ll get you back,
For all you’ve done,
Years of terror,
Are just no fun,

My little Brother,
Is eleven years old,
He’s behind at school,
As he’s always told,
My little brother,
Is struggling lots,
But I love him so much,
With Jelly Tots,

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