Refuse the Stupidity

February 21, 2012
I refuse to have sleepless nights
To let a tear come from my eyes
To let my heart yearn for you like before
It used to be once upon a time
When we looked into each other’s eyes
Hold hands everywhere we went
Smiling like we found our true love
The kisses we share be a video
That be running in my head
Over and over and over

Until I start missing you
More than I ever miss anyone
I would cry for you
I would do anything
To be yours and for you to be mines

But I refuse to do all this for you again
I draw the line from this part on
My heart is owned by me and no one else
Your pitiful soul can fly to another soul
I’m sick of your games, lies, drama and all the bull s***
You think you real cute that you can play the game of love
But look at yourself in the mirror:
Senseless, irresponsible and irrational

You will regret the day you dissed me like you did
Talk behind my back that I’m full of crap
That we are nothing, but just my foolish imagination
You felt bad for me so you went on a date
To keep my heart dreaming about love
To get in my pants to see the nude and no heart
That I’m nothing but what you see
Nothing good one bit

Baby boy, I refuse to let you know what true love is again
You will regret the day you said your good-byes to me
When you threw all my clothes out the window
You be screaming that I was nothing and you found someone else
That be making you real loving in bed

You stupid to think you can replace me
Like I was some toy that you can throw away
When I gave you swag
When I gave you the money for your clothes
Your Mercedes, your house, your life
I was everything you be wanting

Boy, you will regret the day you left
I refuse to go through your s***
I refuse and refuse

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