This Feeling Inside

February 20, 2012
By Nisa28 BRONZE, Neopit, Wisconsin
Nisa28 BRONZE, Neopit, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't try so hard to fit in, when you were meant to stand out."

This happens time and time again
Feeling weak and hurt, needing a friend
Why must I be so…dumb?
The day it stops has yet to come

The time it comes will be so great
Hoping it won’t be too late
I don’t want to feel this way
I don’t want to push him away

He says he loves me forevermore
He, my love, I completely adore
He tells me I have nothing to worry about,
That he will never leave,
That I can trust him and he I can believe

He promises to him I’m by far the best
Hugging me and holding me close to his chest
Proving all the time he is not like other guys
Together he and I will surely rise

This feels so right, meant to be
Our love is a fairytale coming to reality
One might ask, what is this thing happening with me?
What’s this thing that has me thinking things?
Things that drive me crazy
Well, this thing is insecurity

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