Ode to My Photo Album

February 20, 2012

I awoke in a sudden motion of breath,

The light is dull as shadows creep through the night,

And crowd all surroundings.

Cries and sirens and dogs barking,

Chase down my every move,

Where am I?

What is going on?

Questions of complexity crowd my mind.

I call for the comfort,

Of my everything.

The delicate feel,

Of that one thing,

I couldn’t live without,

The open book of my life.

Its sky blue cover,

With the silver brim,

As bright as the sun,

On a summer day,

Just makes me feel,

All good within.

The one Thing I would save,

If my house came crashing down,

This very day,

But there it rests,

Singly placed on the ground.

With a bright light from the sun,

And a carriage of the leaves.

The pictures are so vivid,

And jumping out of the seams.

If only it could talk

It would say,

“Remember this?”

In its childlike voice,

And remind me of the past.

So great its jokes,

Its life in action,

With so many hopes,

That came to life.

Now here I lie,

Watching the forgotten,

With only one more life,

To start new reactions.

Oh my,

Oh my,

The Giver of my world,

You are like a delicate heart,

If I let you go,

I will be gone also.

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