March 9, 2012
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Suppose a rose didn’t have thorns
Would it still have its beauty?

Would it still have meaning?

People think of roses as
As aesthetically pleasing
Yet hard to handle

But if without the thorns would it change from a symbol of love
Into something entirely different.

I see that roses without thorns
Would change a lot of things in life.

It would change how we perceive women and
How we go about life because in the world
We compare roses with love and with beauty
With happiness
we can always come up with a metaphor or something to compare with the rose with thorns



If roses didn’t have thorns
What would life be like?
How would see beautiful objects in life
I suppose we could come up with something new but would it have the same affect.

Still as much as I wonder about how it would be.
It’s still just supposed.

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