March 12, 2012
By TheFracturedCookie BRONZE, Oshkosh, California
TheFracturedCookie BRONZE, Oshkosh, California
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I want to ask why.
Why do we care,
About everyone’s opinions?
How come we can’t be friends,
If I hate pink,
Or if you don’t prefer my music,
Hollywood Undead?
I want to ask why,
You care so much,
If she prefers girls,
Or if his eyes sparkle,
With such joy,
Because he’s meeting
Another boy
That starry night?

Talk differences,
Is it so different,
From having favorite colors,
Or notes blasting from your headphones,
That you and only you enjoy?
I’m saying these things don’t matter,
So what does?

I want to talk about religion.
All it is, is opinions too.
How Venus and Jupiter,
The stars and cosmos,
Were created and aligned?
So much blood,
Has been spilled in the history books.

Talk how some Christians,
Deem those with no deity,
Those who go to church,
Are immediately labeled,
“Annoying,” or “Prude,”
By those who don’t believeth in Him.
I’m saying these things don’t matter,
So what does?

I want to talk about simple garments.
How we all dress,
Can deeply effect our impressions on others.
If I buy a plaid blue Abercrombie,
Immediately I’m a “prep,”

Talk choppy, layered black hair,
Black band tees and hoodies.
Immediately I “cut,”
Immediately I’m “scary,”
I’m saying these things don’t matter…
So what DOES matter?

What really matters is love and trust.
What really matters is fun.

Because it has nothing to do,
With any shirt,
With any God,
With any sexual orientation.
With any worldly choice or opinion.

I want to talk about choices,
I want talk about opinions,
They make the world so fun,
And diverse, but should they
Get in the way of what
Really matters?

The author's comments:
our english teacher told us to write about something that "matters" to i decided to write about stuff that pisses me off! xD

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