No Control

March 12, 2012
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Falling through the cracks
I just cannot get a grip,
I’m pretty sure that I will fall
but I’m trying not to slip.
Looking towards the starry sky
watching lights burn out,
waiting for a change in my life
then you tell me it’s not allowed.

You go and try to run my life
but there is nothing you could say,
I’m just waiting for that fateful night,
when all this will change.
I want to have a chance to show
what my life could come to be.
But now I’m laying next to you
no honor in my defeat.

It’s kind of sad how I stick around
with all the bullshit you’ve put me through,
but now my hands appear to be bound
my silent sorrows fill up this room.
Right now your asleep, I watch you smile
and I know I have nothing to lose,
I’ve known these facts for a while
that I will never be enough for you.

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