"The Golden Rule"

March 12, 2012
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“The Golden Rule”

Sometimes forgetting is easier,

for those people who just don’t want to try

But now you know how bad it hurts,

when you sleep alone at night.

I hope this darkness haunts you,

And I hope the cold breaks in.

I hope this turns your heart blue,

Killing and destroying all your sin.

No one can ever start over,

Fore now there is no turning back.

You’ll understand when you’re older,

That you should never hold on to the past.

If you do it will find you,

And break you apart piece by piece.

Don’t worry-- it will be over soon,

It’s just started, to say the least.

My father once told me,

To remember what you believe.

Because all of this will end soon,

But you will always have me.

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