March 12, 2012
What is it that i've done to make
you run away?
I am myself and no one else
I try, I try, and i try again
But what comes about it
you lie, you cheat, you b****, you leave
then slam! you figure it all out
your mind is going crazy
you dont understand whats going on
your scared to show the real you
But your ready to figure it out
why, why cant you try
understand who you are
make up for all your lies
tell the truth, let it be known
what your hiding
they need to know
your some f***ed up s***
that messes everything up
But you dont care
then slam! you've figured it all out
the joke is on you
no one cares what you do
you have it coming
just wait and see
you wont know when
But you best be ready
cause when it comes
the real you will be seen
then slam! you figured it all out!
your done, your over
the real you is out
your screaming, crying, b****ing
letting it all out
expect it, because i am gone
im through with you
your left alone
then slam! you figured it all out
But your alone
and no ones around
to care.

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