Poem for Charlene

March 10, 2012
By WritingWarrior BRONZE, Topton, Pennsylvania
WritingWarrior BRONZE, Topton, Pennsylvania
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There is this one villain,
He is one nasty guy.
He’s as bad as it gets.
He makes little kids cry.

He lurks in the shadows
Of your body all day,
And whenever he’s there
He causes great dismay.

This bad guy is Cancer,
But do not be afraid.
There is a hero out there
To rain on Cancer’s parade.

This hero is Chemo,
He is one special guy.
He’s as good as it gets,
And he won't make kids cry.

He stands by your side
Through thick and through thin.
He’ll watch out for you,
And won’t let Cancer win.

Chemo’s one weakness
Is that he causes hair loss,
But no hair is better
Than letting Cancer be boss.

One dark, dreary night,
As swift as a hare,
That ugly brute, Cancer
Gave the Starrs a scare.

The dastardly villain,
With a hearty “SHAZAM!”
Attacked Charlene Starr
While she cooked a large ham.

She went the doctor
After this brutal beat-down.
The doctor called Chemo,
Who flew into town.

“Fear not Mrs. Starr,”
The courageous Chemo said,
“I will find this fiend,
And he’ll soon be dead.”

Our super friend, Chemo,
With a fury so deep,
Sought out that rapscallion
And yelled, “Show yourself, creep!”

With a devious laugh
And a devilish smirk,
Cancer shouted with glee,
“You’ll have to catch me first!”

After that cocky remark
The chase had begun,
But no one could guess
How this race would be won.

Oh, that Cancer was quick,
Like a thief in the night.
He gave it his best.
He struck left and then right.

Lucky for Charlene,
Chemo was quicker.
He battled with Cancer,
And our hope grew much thicker.

But Chemo grew tired
As he fought that old shrew.
He had to admit
That he needed help too.

He knew who to call,
Someone lofty and cunning.
He called for his sidekick,
And radiation came running.

With a ZIP! and a ZAP!
Radiation was there.
“Well howdy there Boss,”
He said without a care.

“Now is not the time
To exchange a ‘Hello,’”
Chemo said, “Now is the time
We must battle our foe!”

“Yes sir,” Radiation said
With a proud salute,
“Just send him at me
And I’ll end his harsh commute.”

“Quick, we must hurry,
We haven’t much time,”
He said to his sidekick,
“We must end his crime!”

For another eight weeks
The harsh war raged on
Between Radiation and Cancer,
But it would soon be done.

Cancer was a scared puppy
When the last battle came ‘round.
The good guys had won,
and Cancer ran out of town.

It’s been six years now
Since our heroes had beat
That cruel guy named Cancer,
It was an amazing feat.

Now Charlene can live happily,
Those guys saved her life.
She resides in Delaware
Without too much strife.

Don’t get too comfy,
That’s not yet the end.
Cancer’s still running rampant,
And he’s not your friend.

He creeps up behind you
In the dead of the night,
Softer than silence,
And lighter than light.

Chemo and Radiation,
Their schedules are filled.
They’ll fight till the end,
Until Cancer is killed.

But until that day comes
They’ll be there for you,
Fighting by your side
Till the bad times are through.

So never give up hope,
And never lose your spirit,
For with Chemo and Radiation,
Cancer? You need not fear it.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem in honor of my grandmother, who conquered cancer.

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