A Pseudo Dream

March 10, 2012
A long time ago, I had a dream
Where everything was melodic and free.
The Sandman sang of saccharine seas
And the sun and moon smiled cheerfully.

I flew across the psychedelic land,
Encountering strange and wondrous clans.
Like a schizophrenic needle and thread,
Each would weave themselves into my head.

A one tusked walrus, a thespian carpenter,
A blood stained apron, and a singing oyster.
A mechanical hatter taking his tea,
Each was profound, esoteric and Me.

I looked upon this glorious land,
Of saccharine seas and smiling friends.
But every inception must have an end,
This rite of passage could no longer extend.

A giant wave of sweets and sand,
Came and swept me out of my head.
I opened my eyes to harsh reality,
And saw I was no longer within my dream.

I found myself in a disconcerting land,
Of monstrous strangers and delusional clans.
And yet, as I explored this horrible place,
I couldn’t help but feel the eyes of my mates.

That’s when I realized, though far they may be,
They will always be watching over me.
Within my head and within my sleep,
It was a dream that was never truly a dream.

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