Dear Friend

March 10, 2012
Dear Friend,

I still remember you.
I remember your soft blond hair and your brown eyes.
I remember hanging out with you everyday.
I remember your voice, your smile, your laugh and the way it all could be used for good and evil.
I remember your shnarky comments and the way you would always find a way to make me laugh with them.
I even remember when that short blond hair of yours was a golden sea pouring from your head.
I remember you when we were little and being convinced that you loved my brother.
I remember you getting sick and not understanding it.
I remember the baldness, the blindness, and the beauty you carried around with you.
I remember your princess tendencies and how much they infuriated me.
I even remember hating you at times and starting a vendetta against you.
I remember you getting sick and understanding it.
I remember not caring. I remember thinking you would get better.
I even remember the day I found out that you were not going to get better.
I remember crying and praying that it was all a joke.
I remember the day the sky cried for you and it was all over.
I remember wanting to pick you up and spinning you around like I always used to and
I remember not being able to. I don't remember ever saying sorry to you for being so rotten all these years.
I don't remember coming clean about some of this.
I don't remember calling you every night like I promised.
I don't even remember visiting you at the hospital, not once.
I remember you calling me your best friend but I don't remember acting like it.
This is me finally saying sorry for doing you wrong.
This is me letting myself free from the bondage that I was forced into by guilt and regret.
This is me letting you go.
This is me saying goodbye.

A Friend

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