Dream Boy

March 9, 2012
By Anonymous

I don't want a boyfriend Or some silly fling.
I want a soulmate, a love, someone who's the real thing.

So i decided to make a list,Of what i would like to find in a boy, 
To make sure he's the one, So i can stop being coy.

I don't really care about looks, Having a sweet personality
Means more to someone like me

Some who's a dork, And knows how to make me laugh.
But knows how to be serious And when to be on task.

Someone who doesn't care If I'm in sweats or a ballgown
And absolutely hates To see me frown.

A similar taste in music Would never hurt,
As long as he'd be willing To take me to a concert

I wouldn't mind Some gorgeous eyes
That give him away When he lies

Someone who doesn't cringe and give  me weird looks
When he figures out i absolutely love to read books

The most attractive guy, is one who reads
And one who doesn't care if I'm the one to lead

I would love if he was a nerd,
And thinks being cool is for the birds

He'll tell me that I'm beautiful
And never treat me like a fool.

He'll have Tom Cruise's hair 
And makes the girls stop and stare

This guy will have courage and nerve 
And will prefer a girl with curves

He'll have an interesting name,
Nothing boring, but very strange

And he will be so pleased
When he finds my family is just as weird as me!

I'll fall for the boy that gives me books,
And when i smell the pages, he holds back the looks

He'll always laugh the loudest
And will understand when i need to rest.

He won't boast or brag
Because those guys can be such a drag

Someone who just wants to be my best friend
And hold my hand until the end

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