For the Broken

March 9, 2012
By Anonymous

So here's to the drop outs, the losers, the jokesters, the fools!
I shout out to my homies, the outsiders, the proudly uncool!

This is for the weirdos, the crazies, the freaks
You can find a place here with me and the geeks

To the lonely, the sad, 
with nowhere to go, 
Here with us, on the outs, 
you'll never feel alone

And for you outsiders, that stand apart from the crowd-
They never tainted you, and for that, you should be proud

This ones for you, the fearful 
And the down.
Someone's a** should be kicked 
For making you frown

This is for those
Who've been beaten by the crowd.
The ones forced to be quiet 
Punished for being different and loud

I write this for the loners, 
the truely odd goofballs!
Ignore the ones that laugh
And kick you when you fall

Yes, them.
The ones you see in your mind.
Because a more pathetic person,
You'll never find

I'm looking at you there, 
the jerks and players!
For your horrid personalities,
There are no cures

So here's to the ones that suffered the ones that just don't care
Something broke inside them
And now they just sit and stare

Don't ever let them break you
Don't let them get that close
Because i can assure you
You'll regret that the most

Listen to these wise words!
Screw what they say
It doesn't matter
Because soon it'll be our day

Understand what I'm saying?
Don't let them take what's inside
You're better than them, 
so walk with pride

This is for the broken
Who need someone to understand
The only thing they need right now
Is a helping hand

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