Time after time

March 9, 2012
By Anonymous

I said I liked you
You said the same
I believed it was true
until the truth came
you were just using me
to get what you want
but i was to blind to see
because your face, it haunts
my mind day and night
I was wrapped your finger
wrapped around tight
while you left me to linger
and you were away
flirting with every girl you saw
killing me with every word that you say
and all you did was laugh ha
you pulled me in your game of lies
hoping it would get you in bed
but all it did was bring tears to my eyes
from all the things you have said
I used to think you were the reason for every breath i take
and we would be together forever
but now i know its all fake
and that will happen never
I try to break free
but just like my fears
you came back for me
along with more tears
no matter how hard I fight
my feelings for you stay
because you are the sight
that brightens up my day
all the things I said were true
about how I felt
and all the things you do
to make me want to melt
into your strong arms
and stay there forever
if I do it will bring harm
and you will pull my hearts lever
which makes it break to a million parts
like you do time after time

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