The soldier

March 9, 2012
By Kev,chris,alex BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
Kev,chris,alex BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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We are being over ran and the enemy is upon us.

If they capture us, we are sure to be killed.... or worse

So now I, the leader of this rag-tad group of soldiers, must make a decision...
Run, or fight

If we run, we might live.
If we fight we will die...

… But who am I do decide what these men want, so the choice is theirs.
Live, or die.
Some chose life, most chose death.

Why did they chose death?
Was it for honor?
Or maybe they had nothing to live for...

But they have made there choice, so we will fight!
We will die...

Maybe we'll survive this final fight.
If we don't nobody will remember us, praise us, or mourn us.
If we do what do we get? A chance to fight tomorrow?
Or the opportunity to die another day.

The author's comments:
By: Kevin Skinner

This is about what a decision a leader in some military force had to make, live or die.

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