March 9, 2012
Darkness Engulfs the world as smoke fills the skies.
Terror rains down on the Jewish prisoners hidden behind lies.
Stealing the light from ones soul.
To be replaced with horror of pain and cold.
Tears are lost to uncaring eyes.
As soldiers pull loved ones apart not even being able to say good-bye.
Illness from starvation takes the one you love.
As you sleep in the cot above.
Germans steal the clothes from your back.
Hitler lines his pockets with teeth golden capped.
Bodies left stacked in piles and unnamed.
To break the spirit of the suffering and maimed.
standing in the rain with your head held low.
Waiting for the SS to make another blow.
Another year smoke still bellows out of the hideous stacks.
Abuse still showers the hopeless from daily attacks.
killing is what Hitler loves.
Survival is what the Jewish prisoners pray for from the god above.
Never in this world will they be free to find peace.
They live through the Holocaust and in their mind horror will forever be released.

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