Caught At A High School

February 27, 2012
By , Los Angles, CA
“Paulina, Jennifer, Allison!” “Get inside the car right now, at this moment”, my mother yelled. My mind went blank and I was shocked! Knowing I was going to get in so much trouble anyway, for it was 10:31pm.

It was one cool 8:17pm,Friday and I was bored to death, so I had invited a few friends to celebrate one boring day over to my house, when my mother was working, my big brother was at a music studio, and my big sister was at soccer practice; so I had the house all to my self. I invited Jennifer, David, Miles, Lincoln, Allison and I four great well known friends, to make this boring day pass by, we had gone out for cool, Icy smoothies and drinks, while planning what the heck we were going to do; and then it hit me, my unthoughtful idea; to go to a High school near by, Helen Bernstein High School. So we were all crazy enough to actually go!
It was exactly 9:23pm. We had ran up the stairs, till we got to the soccer field, running and screaming without even bothering about the consequences. We played basketball, ran the track field, being idiots, and just hanged out. Until 10:00pm sharp, all of HBHS’s lights went pitch black and I was both worried and scared to death, but strangely laughing at the same time. Not only did we knew it was ten o’ clock we also knew that that was our “que”, in other words all kids who are under 18 and do not have their parent with them or have their permission can get a $80 ticket from the police, if caught outside of their house at a restricted place at 10pm. We knew that very well, but we absolutely did not pay any attention, what’s so ever to the time and the worst part is that none of us had a phone on them besides Jennifer’s, which had died on us right at that moment.
We all had no idea what to do! The cold breeze passed by us and it started sprinkling and ended up raining and we also ended up running all the way to our own houses. The way we were running was the reaction that we robbed a liquor store and my mother saw us the whole way from the high school to the corner of our street and she beeped at that moment. Oh how I wished I wasn’t bored enough to go at that time, my mother was screaming to the top of her reminding us how sorry we would have been if we had gotten a ticket and she had to pay for it and at the end she was then laughing so much of how she remembered the way we were running and how Allison slipped including how we looked all hilarious.
From this experience, I learned to apparently never get bored enough around 6:32pm and find something to do that won’t get you grounded for a whole month and has good consequences behind it.

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