The Breifcase

March 8, 2012
By Anonymous

On a busy day
On a busy path
In a busy city
In that busy city’s park
Mr. G and Mr. B walked along
On a morning stroll
When up to them both
Came a man in a pinstripe suit
“I’m so terribly sorry to bother you
I’m very late and in quite a rush.
Can you hold this please?
It’s money you see.
But not stolen don’t worry!
I’ll be back within the hour.”
And then he took off
Both of them left bewildered
They looked about,
At the case
Then up
Mr. B gave a chuckle and ran off into the crowd
Mr. G gave a shrug and a look about
“What a wonderful day to wait in the park.”
He took a seat and admired the day
Stroking his handlebar moustache
Mr. B keeps on running
A half our had passed easily
When he bumped into a man leaving a building
He wore a pinstripe suit, and owned a certain briefcase
Mr. G sat on the bench, speaking with a friend
The weather was amazing not a cloud in the sky
Mr. B kept on running
Because close behind
Were the boys in blue?
Mr. G carried on his conversation
When who came around the corner but Mr. B!
And several of the boys in blue
At Mr. G’s feet, Mr. B crashed
The Bobbies at his back
And up to him walked his friend in the pinstripe suit
“Thank you good sir,
You’ve done me quiet a service.
You me and my brother here,”
He said with a look behind pointing
To the other pinstriped man
“Have just come from the reading of a will.
And lets just say we’ve made off very well
Very. Well.”
His brother intervened
“And your friend over there
Deserves no reward,
But you have proved to be the better man.”
They both concluded with bow
“Mr. G we extend to you our thanks.
Both cases are yours
Spend them, as you will
Good day Mr. G, may we meet again!”
They said as they walked away.
Mr. G waved in return and continued his day.

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