The Secret About Love

March 8, 2012
By SamiS BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
SamiS BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
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She wakes up in the morning,
Not one negative thought at all.
It’s just her, her sister, her loving mom and dad;
A perfect family of four.

In her eyes she sees,
That her parents get along.
However her sister gets to see,
What happens behind closed doors.

Her mom leaves every night,
To her grandparent’s house her mom goes.
She is still unaware,
Of this separation that has happened.

To keep a secret they thought,
Would be what is best for her.
When she is older,
She will understand.

Third grade comes around,
She has grown a lot more.
She’s about to hear something,
Something she thought she’d never hear before.

“It’s called a divorce” they said,
That word stung her bad.
“We have been this way since you were little,
It’s not your fault”, they told her many times.

Her mom soon moved out,
She had so many questions left unanswered.
If you were so in love once,
Why are you not in love now?

She had to split the week in two,
Between both parent’s homes.
She didn’t think they realized,
How much this really hurt her.

Her life began to change,
She began to grow up too fast.
Living out of a suitcase,
Became what she knew best.

Her sixteenth birthday just passed,
Things are somewhat different.
Her mother is single and happy,
While her dad is unhappily engaged.

Her dad and his girlfriend fight,
Always dragging her in.
If they are so in love to be engaged,
Why do they never get along?

She gets a boyfriend of her own,
Finally something positive in her life.
She quickly began to believe in love,
Until one day he broke her heart.

She didn’t know why it happened,
She missed him so much.
If he loved her once,
Why didn’t he love her now?

She sat in her room and cried,
While reading a romance novel.
This is obviously a fiction book she thought,
For true love never lasts.

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