No Hope

March 4, 2012
By SilentWonder PLATINUM, Corry, Pennsylvania
SilentWonder PLATINUM, Corry, Pennsylvania
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"Can't run from your problems but you run until you collapse."

Will anyone kill me?
I want to die,
everyday is begun
with painful cries,
the hurt,
the break,
the selfish lies
nobody deserves to deal
with this cruel life
My tears that shed
like a flood
do not take my pain away
it makes it worse
I will never be healthy again
and one day
my eyes will not open
I will not see the faces
I grew up with
I will be in heaven
meeting new faces
that were dead
before I was born
I will not mourn
over this sadness
but I will be
forever in pain
and that is what
I've come to known
There is no cure
there is no hope
left for me
I'm already gone
at least that's
the way it seems

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