March 10, 2012
The sun is high in the clear sky,
A beacon burning bright.
As the light stings my weak eyes,
I give a loud, resounding cry
To challenge the sea’s might.

Silence falls upon my ears,
Broken by the crashing waves,
For no human does the sea fear
As she is the one who can steer
Ships into their graves.

As far as I could want to see,
The sea is there as well.
Her cobalt mantle easily
Rears aloft and smothers me
In one unbroken swell.

I lie adrift the swirling tide
And ponder now the darkened sky.
A starry river stretches wide
And flows in my soul to confide
The reason behind my senseless cry.

Above there are a trillion stars
And many more that I can’t see.
Around them all are
Planets far
And someone just like me.

I realize that I am afraid
Of my smallness in the world,
But now I see this world will fade
Into the void of space, decayed
By time’s angry whirl.

I can now accept that I
Mean nothing to the boundless sea
And even less in the deep eye
Of the universe so my
Soul now can be free.

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lovedove said...
Mar. 18, 2012 at 10:01 am
wow this really speaks to me! keep on writing!
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