March 1, 2012
Words piercing you,
Through and through,
Like bullets through skin,
A fight you can’t win,
You are the victims not heard,
It’s something they learn,
A war you face everyday,
You stay where you lay,
You just want some relief,
But all you get is grief,
You try to stop it,
But you get locked in,
You feel like no one will listen,
But you have to be persistent,
They love to play the game,
It’s really lame,
You want to escape,
You want someone in a cape,
Acid is their favorite drink,
While they watch you sink,
They won’t stop till you tell,
Even a guy named Mel,
Just tell,
You can thank me later,
Just don’t thank me during dinner,
You will be glad after you tell,
Trust me you will.

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