The Jeans

February 28, 2012
She walked into school with her designer jeans,
Everyone watching her strut down the halls,
A posse trailing behind in her footsteps,
She TRIED to laugh out with her friends,
She TRIED to be interested in the latest gossip,
She TRIED to feel like she truly fit in,
But everyday, she would choose to walk home alone,
Her boots tapping down to the family,
The family that would always define who she really was,
The door would wipe wide open for her,
And she would unwillingly shuffle her feet into her family’s old,
Rundown, hardware store,
She went to sit down on the small,
Dilapidated wooden stool,
To sit down in the same designer jeans that she had owned for three years,
Just hiding her true self behind them,
She looked down at the designer jeans,
Just covering her plain legs

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