If Looks Could Kill

March 1, 2012
By _SusanDenise SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
_SusanDenise SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
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You have to believe me
I saw what I saw and that was all
I was walking home last night
I heard a thump
I couldn't see where it was coming from
It wasn't bright
I heard it again
I moved closer to where it began
Then I saw in a dark alley a woman and a man
Muffled cries pierced the air as he held her by her hair
He took a blade as slashed her throat
And her blood trickled down to her coat
I heard a scream that I recognized
But It was indeed mine
He turned around and saw my face
I ran before he could chase

I'm not making this up detective
I will not sit here and be passive
He's out there searching for me
Planning my death
He will not stop until he takes my last breath
You say that there's no case because I couldn't give a good description
He was white, dark-haired, and had a dragon tattoo
Tall, muscular, and he --
And he looked like ...you...

The author's comments:
This poem is about a woman or teen girl who witnessed a murder. She went to the police station and told the detective what happened. In the end, she gets the shock of her life.

After spending a week end watching movies on the Lifetime network and watching Law And Order, this idea popped into my mind. I hope readers like it.

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