Please! Don't Go Away

March 8, 2012
By Anonymous

Please! don't go away..
I love you so i can't say
Please! don't leave my side
And please don't walk away

I dream of you in my bed stay
Please! don't go away..
Cause i have been missing you
Because you are so wonderful i can't say

Please! don't go away
I would give you anything
Just for you to stay..
Please! don't walk away

I would miss you badly if you were gone
I can't dream the day you will leave me alone
Please! don't go away..
I need you how much i can't say

There nothing i can't do for you

You just say

But please! don't go away..

You mean me a lot i can't say

Stay with me forever

I don't want you to die..

Please! don't curse me

Please! don't go away..

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