Dad Comes Home

March 7, 2012
By Grace Fan BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
Grace Fan BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
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My mom gave me a prime surprise,
That blew my mind away.
It cheered me up when I was down,
The highlight of my day.

She bought a ticket for my dad,
To come home for a week.
And spend a superb vacation,
With whom I wished to seek.

My dad’s not often in this town,
He leaves me with my mom.
We mourn together for my dad,
Like bricks melted to malm.

Excitement arrived in my mind,
Reached and touched my soul.
The news dazzled me with top delight,
piling my grief in a bowl.

On the day of my dad’s return,
We went and searched throughout.
But our eyes never set on him,
And he never revealed.

The author's comments:
This is a poem about my fear. In reality, my dad travels a lot, and I'm frequently afraid he would get injured or dye in his travels.

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