Pictures are More than Just Paper

March 7, 2012
By , Ramsey, NJ
People say a picture is worth a thousand words
My life starts out on an SD card like a bug starts out on a leaf
I’m sent to the printer and printed out with a glossy finish
I sit and wait for people to look at me and vast in my glory

The day finally comes when I’m good enough to be put in a frame
I feel great that I will have a slice of glass protecting me
The kids won’t be able to touch my gloss
I won’t have finger prints all over me
I can’t wait for them to have guests so people can look at me
I sit on the table and wait
I wait more and more until that familiar sound of the doorbell rings
Ding Dong, Ding Dong it rings
Finally they enter and in an instant there are so many eyes on me
Months pass and I’m starting to collect dust
I see her hand coming and then nothing
I know what’s next
My time is done and my frame is gone
My life is over and I’m shut into an envelope
Never to be opened again

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