lose it all

March 7, 2012
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It hurt when you looked at me, you couldn't tell who I was.
A look of pain overcame my face.
something deep inside my soul told me things would never be the same.
You never asked how I was doing, i wished you did, I want you to know who I am.
I didn't do what i did or love, but how can I say that when all I ever wanted was love.
At times I think I'm so misunderstood because when you where here you were the only on that understood.
I ask my self did I really love you or was it fake,I couldn't find an answer.
I feel like I'm missing I looked every where, something tell me you would know.
But as days go by and time flies I have learned to cope with the feeling of missing you.

It hurt when you looked at me you couldn't tell who I was, who would've ever thought I lose it all to a feeling that I cant even recall.

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