Guess This is Goodbye

March 2, 2012
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Am I not the girl,
before her, I was.
Counting down the days.
Don’t you remember how we use to be?
Everything running through my head.
Forever and always, is what you said.
Gullible me,
how could I believe you.
I should have known better than this,
just another selfish guy.
Kicking at the back of my knees,
laughing as I fall.
My mistake for trusting you
Now I know who to trust
On the edge of the cliff,
Preparing for the worst
Questioning my own thoughts
rocks falling underneath me.
Scared of you,
too scared to let you save me.
Under so much pressure.
Vulnerable to your voice.
X-rays can’t show what is in your heart,
you’re the only one who knows.
Zero limits as to what you can do.

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