A Black Girl's Story

March 2, 2012
That black girl started as a slave.
Every night tears fell down her eyes wishing she would get saved
Late nights she was raped by her owner.
Mom was whipped to death, so she was a loner.
Just waiting for the law to past,
So she can yell to the top of her voice “free at last, free at last”
Years past and the time came to be.
Slave at 7 and at 20 she was finally free.
She gave herself the opportunity to be someone,
Even thought her chances were one to none.
She had a dream like Martin Luther King.
She made a living with just a few things.
As time passed she saw it wasn’t as easy as it seems.
Wanted to give up, but she kept following her dreams.
Proved people wrong many times,
You can feel her pain and ambition through these rhymes.
Now she’s living life with no pain or worries.
This is a Black girl’s story.

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