Taking Advantage of All the Right Things for All the Right Reasons

March 2, 2012
By heyitzscott GOLD, Rochester Hills, Michigan
heyitzscott GOLD, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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Oh, why do the seasons change?
To let us know the times have changed;
The past is gone;
The time has come to see if we have learned from our mistakes.
I’ve taken hours to dream,
And minutes to pass those seconds by.
My moments should have been growing
As the maple tree outside my bedroom window,
So I could watch it blow away in the wind,
For another day to bring it back.
My parents should have warned me,
“Scott, time is a precious thing,
And don’t you ever throw it away on regret,
And lost dreams,
And memories.
Take the opportunity to live now.”
But I can’t worry about the should-have’s,
And the if-only’s,
And the what-if’s;
The second chances I’ve never had;
The empty glasses I’ve worried about;
Because I don’t have the strength in my lungs
To adhere to the pounds of air outside my nostrils
For things to get better.
I’ve got to make things better myself.

The author's comments:
This was originally written as a slam...

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