A Million Familiar Faces

March 2, 2012
I feel like I'm alone
even though I'm surrounded by
a million familiar faces
I feel like no one understands
I'm lost in my mind
but my expressions
are out in the open
I feel like there is no time,
no time for tears
no time for fears
just time to figure
out how to get
into the right gear
So in the end
it always begins with a fight
and ends with
bruises inside and out,
I'm scared
I never know
what tomorrow
is going to bring
It's not me
I shouldn't act
like a stinking disease
I'm over reacting
so why am I like this
I'm surrounded by
A Million Familiar Faces
I shouldn't be petrified
or live in fear
but I can't
I'm stuck
and can't find
my way out
I see a million familiar faces
but I live everyday in doubt

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