Help Me

March 5, 2012
By , Corry, PA
I’m I going crazy?
Everyone thinks I’m losing my head.
I’ve been to a doctor
every day of my life
And they still don’t know
what’s wrong with me
Is it really nothing at all?
Sometimes I feel like a zombie
Just lying at home
Day after day with the
No sudden burst of energy
I feel tired all the time
Sick to my stomach
And having constant pain
I don’t want to go
to school anymore
Because of the fear
I can’t see anything
Crystal clear
One Upon A Time
I was the girl
who loved school
I would go to school
even when I was sick
Where did that girl go?
Is she gone forever?
Every time I try to step
into school these days
I get dizzy,
start burning up,
Sweat like a maniac,
And really, really nauseous
I can’t stand who I’ve become
I can’t stand being away from home
For some reason I feel all alone
Somebody Help ME
anybody please
I can’t stand this strange disease
This isn’t me
Somebody, anybody please
Help ME through
This psychotic me

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